I Llike Coffee and You - Llama Mug - Llama Pun Camp Mug
I Llike Coffee and You - Llama Mug - Llama Pun Camp Mug I Llike Coffee and You - Llama Mug - Llama Pun Camp Mug

Coffee is great. Llamas are pretty awesome. And you're pretty great, too. Celebrate all the best things with this adorable llama camp mug.

This is an individually printed vintage style llama camp mug in a sturdy enamel-coated steel with contrast rolled rim. These mugs look small, but hold a full of your chosen liquid drinkable goodness (AKA wine). It's lightweight, sturdy, dishwasher safe (sort of-- see note at bottom of listing for care & washing), and ready to stand up to all sorts of abuse. Each one is hand-dipped in enamel and intentionally left looking a little rustic. Occasional pocks and spots on the finish are simply intended to add to its charm.

Take this enamel mug camping, toss it in your bag to take to a picnic, use it and abuse it and love it.


DISHWASHER: At your own risk! The design is dishwasher safe, though I suppose it's possible that using the dishwasher may cause it to fade eventually. The mug is steel under enamel, meaning that if the enamel chips (which is common and natural with these mugs, and lends to their vintage patina) putting them in the dishwasher might accelerate any rusting. The best thing is probably to handwash them. Me? I'm lazy, and mine go in the dishwasher. So far, they've been fine.

MICROWAVE: Don't. Just don't. It's metal under there, dude. Bad idea.